Frequently Asked Questions
What is on the Main Menu Screen?
Home, Episode List, Product List, Listen, Voice, Search, My Wishlist, My Profile, and Privacy Policy.
What is the Home functionality?
The house icon represents this screen. Once it’s been accessed, you will see a picture of the logo for the show, and below it are the four main functionality sections.
What does Search do?
The magnifying glass is the icon. Type in your search information into the white box where it says, “Type to Search” and press Enter after finished.
How much does the app cost me to keep?
There is no charge, it’s free to use.
What if I have a return?
All ecommerce transactions are to be done through the specific website the item is purchased from. We are just like Google. We do not actually process any transactions directly. Please contact the website that shipped the item to you.
How do I pause the video on my mobile device?
Hit the pause button. It looks like an equal sign.
How do I start watching the show after I’ve paused it on my mobile device?
Hit the play button. It looks like a triangle pointing to the right.
How do I access streaming content in the app?
After the app finds the content, you can watch it in your mobile device using standard video content navigation buttons to control it.
How do I remove a saved product from my Wishlist?
Start out at the Main Menu. Click on the Wishlist section. Locate the product you want to remove and click Remove from my Wishlist button below the product on the left side.
How do I navigate to find a specific Episode?
Start on the Main Menu. Click on the Episode List, Access the drop down for the Season, and scroll through the Episodes listed.
How do I buy products?
Click the Buy Now button.
How do I see all the products offered in an Episode?
Once on a Season and an Episode, scroll down to see all the products featured in that episode.
How do I access the Voice Activation?
This feature allows you to speak into the microphone for voice commands.
What does the Microphone icon do?
It takes you to the Voice Activation section of the app.
What are the three lines up at the top of the app used for?
That is our Menu button.
How do I go back to another Season or an Episode?
You can access the Seasons or Episode list on the Home Screen and use the drop-down button to determine which season you would like to access. Then, scroll down to access the Episode number and name for that season.
What does the Left Arrow do?
It takes you back to the screen you just accessed. It’s like a back button for the app.
What does Tap to Listen do?
It helps the app find the show, season, and episode number you are currently watching. The app will publish a white box asking for approval to access your microphone. Please confirm by clicking the Allow Button. Please hold up your phone up while the show is playing in the background, tap, and listen for 4-5 seconds.
How do I add a product to my Wishlist?
Click Add to Wishlist button at the bottom of a product.
How do I access my Wishlist items that I had clicked before?
Click on the menu list in the upper right hand of the screen. It’s the 3 lines at top right. The Wishlist has a heart icon.
What navigation items are on the Home Screen?
There are four locations that can be accessed on the Home Screen. Episode List, Product List, Listen, and Voice sections. Tap each one for more functionality of the app.
What does Episode List mean on the Home Screen?
All episodes that have been processed by your favorite show will be listed here. There is a drop-down tab located by Refined by: which will help navigate by each Season of the show.
What does Product List mean on the Home Screen?
It displays the product catalog by unique categories related to the show. Each category can be clicked for more detailed information and item lists.
What does Listen mean on the Home Screen?
It allows you to identify an episode you are watching by listening to the sound of it playing in the background.
What does Voice mean on the Home Screen?
It allows you to search the app by tapping and asking it specific questions like “Show me all products”
What does the More Info tab mean?
If you click the tab, it will take you directly to the website location to learn more about the product offered.
What does the Buy tab do?
If you click the tab, it will take you directly to the website location of the item to purchase the product.
Where do I find the name of the show I’m watching?
The top bar of the app on the left displays the show name.
What if I click the GetVoxi white box at the bottom of the app?
You will be sent to the developers of the app.
How do I see the product in more than one episode, if it’s offered?
Once you are on the Product Details page, you can click on the Season #, Episode# to see location of that same product in an episode.
What is on the Product Details page?
It is where you can get a detailed description of the product, a Season/Episode list where product has been shown, a Add to Wishlist button, and a Buy Now button. There is also similar products listed below that relate to that product.
How do I access all Category Listings from an Episode page?
Scroll down to a drop-down menu with All Categories in the box. You can hit the black triangle button, which is the dropdown arrow to see all categories listed. Select the category you are interested in, and all products under that specific category will be listed.
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