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The Cows Come Home
Season 6, Episode 10
The homestead expands with two Scottish Highlands joining the Coop Dreams farm. Sad news about Pokey Jr followed by good news to carry on his legacy.
Predator Recovery and a Coops For Troops Presentation
Season 6, Episode 9
Patch and Stormy on the road to recovery, the garden is flourishing and a worthy family is presented with a Coops For Troops package.
Welcome Home Bees...and Raccoons
Season 6, Episode 8
Chicken math hits again and new bees are welcomed home with the addition of two pollinator gardens. Racoons show up uninvited and wreak havoc in the chicken yards. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
One Step Closer to Mini Cows
Season 6, Episode 7
Brad loads the bee packages into their hives and sets out on an exploratory trip to see Scottish Highland cows in person. Will he continue to research until the cows come home?? ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
More Bees... and Chicks??
Season 6, Episode 6
After losing the last of the hives, Brad hits the road to pick up some replacement bee packages from Meyer Bees and gets quite the informative tour of their shop, bee grafting and honey harvesting. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLS. All rights reserved.
Coop 'n Garden
Season 6, Episode 5
With a little help, Brad gets the garden prepped and planted and the new Wagler Mini Barns chicken coop gets set for Pokey Jr and Pokey. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Chores and Pirates
Season 6, Episode 4
Spring chores with the goats and a new playground for Captain Morgan and his crew! ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Homesteading in a Worldwide Pandemic
Season 6, Episode 3
Meet Freckles, setting up a new chicken yard and trying a new feed out on the chickens. Will they go for it? ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
The Quarantine Hits
Season 6, Episode 2
Season 6 Episode 2 Incubating chicks and growing your own food in times of crisis. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Homesteading Year 6
Season 6, Episode 1
Losing a couple of the beehives over the winter, more rooster conflict and the talk of launching an animal rescue center. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.`
Honey and Coop Camp
Season 5, Episode 11
After successfully transferring the bee colonies to their new AZ hives with help from The Bee Shop, the time has finally come to harvest some honey...How much will they get? And not to be missed is fun at Coop Camp...including Goat Yoga! ©2019 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved. v3
Garden, Milk and Honey?
Season 5, Episode 10
Kevin assesses Brad's garden and provides some hands-on success with milking the does. The Bee Shop delivers and unveils their new AZ hive and helps move the colonies into their new homes. ©2019 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved. v5
Kevin Comes to Visit
Season 5, Episode 9
Brad's organic gardening mentor, Kevin, comes for a visit and they tour a local farm-to-table restaurant and meet up with Brad's first chicken coach, Andrew, to see his new feed store. ©2019 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved. v2
Goat Babies Being Goat Babies
Season 5, Episode 8
Spring on the farm brings babies of all sorts -- from chicks to turkey poults to goat kids (lots and lots of kids)! In the midst of the chaos, Brad tried to solve the puzzling challenge of Morgan being Morgan.
Bees 'n Goats
Season 5, Episode 7
Going on a queen hunt! Dee Dee delivers two adorable kids on a cold April night...but only one will nurse.
Goats Will Be Goats
Season 5, Episode 6
Busy Brad inspects the hives, relocates Pokey Jr again and sets some eggs...but runs into resistance during "spa day" for the pregnant does.
Spring Is Coming
Season 5, Episode 5
Do the bees survive the winter? Does Pokey Jr return to the chicken yard? Real concerns mount for the spring start-up as a high tech solution is introduced on the farm.
Georgia On My Mind
Season 5, Episode 4
A Coops for Troops presentation in Georgia and visits to a rescue farm and The Bee Shop provide a nice break from the long winter.
Beta Hatch
Season 5, Episode 3
Following home treatment of a hen for bumble foot, Brad meets up with Ben from Chubby Mealworms in Seattle for some exciting news and a visit to a revolutionary new company which may change the future of animal nutrition.
Welcome Charlie!
Season 5, Episode 2
Charlie, a rescue turkey, arrives at the farm in style. Brad preps for winter and discovers some unexplained drops of blood in the chicken yard.
Flurry Comes For A Visit
Season 5, Episode 1
The garden closes and the bees are checked for the winter while Flurry the buck arrives at the farm to breed the does.
Bee Inspection Do-Over and a Colorado Adventure
Season 4, Episode 10
Brad's bee coach, Brian, comes to the farm to demonstrate the inspection process. Brad heads to Colorado to visit friends at Green Goo.
A Trip to New Jersey and Brad's First Bee Inspection
Season 4, Episode 9
The next Coops for Troops recipient takes Brad and crew to New Jersey where they also make a stop on the Great American Coop Tour. After returning, Brad makes his first solo attempt at inspecting the beehives.
Kevin Visits the Farm….And the Kitchen!
Season 4, Episode 8
Brad's organic feed and gardening coach makes his fourth visit to the farm. This time it includes Brad and Kevin in the kitchen making frittatas.
Planting Time and Arrival of the Bees"
Season 4, Episode 7
With a little help, Brad puts forth his best effort yet on his garden set-up! And, Brian brings him bees and helps install three colonies in the newly painted hives.
More Coop Camp Fun and Catch Up on Farm Chores
Season 4, Episode 6
A couple of Coop Camp workshops and chicken poop bingo! Then it's back to painting hives, garden preparation, chicken toys and figuring out a good set-up for Pokey Jr.
A Goat Playground, Tractor Trouble and Coop Camp
Season 4, Episode 5
Brad builds a playground for the goats and moves a little compost with the tractor. The 5th coop camp is the best one yet with the most incredible speakers, campers and workshops.
A Field Trip to the Historic Mountains of North Georgia
Season 4, Episode 4
The learning continues with a field trip to the mountains to learn about chickens, baby goats, bees and of course touring coops on the Great American Coop Tour.
Pokey JR and the Bee Hive
Season 4, Episode 3
Pokey Jr gets kicked out of the chicken yard as the new beehive gets delivered.
Gardening and Goodbyes
Season 4, Episode 2
While the garden grows the herd sadly thins.
Coop Tours and the Mother Earth News Fair
Season 4, Episode 1
Learning about homesteading is a never ending process and continues here with a trip to the Mother Earth News fair.....along with a few coop tours along the way.
Oh, The Fun Continues!
Season 3, Episode 13
Dee Dee surprises Brad by going into labor... and he's all on his own for the delivery! Brad tries his hand at milking for the first time and the baby goats enjoy a hopping good time on their first trip outside.
Time For Kids
Season 3, Episode 12
Evangeline's big day has arrived for bringing new kids into the world! No one can resist baby goats and that is certainly the case here. Evangeline is expected to have 3-4 kids while Dee Dee 2-3. How many will be born and will all be healthy and happy kids?
Brad's First Farm Tour
Season 3, Episode 11
More chicks arrive and Brad gives his first farm tour that is not to be missed!. Having pregnant goats is quite stressful and full of challenges. Erica, from Twin Willows Farm, visits to help get Brad ready for the goat babies. Are Dee Dee and Evangeline really pregnant?
Biosecurity and uhm More Chicks
Season 3, Episode 10
Two incredible visits to the farm… Dr. McCrae, the country's leading expert on biosecurity comes to inspect the setup AND 10 chicks, oops 11 chicks, are delivered to grow the flock.
Rocklands Farm With Two Creative Chicks
Season 3, Episode 9
Before returning to the farm Brad heads off to Washington DC to learn organic farming at Rocklands farm. The visit showcases a school bus repurposed into a chicken tractor and baby pigs.
A Visit to Bear Ridge
Season 3, Episode 8
Andrew finishes up at the farm by helping Brad build a goat feeder....or the start of one...and they find a slithery friend in the lumber pile. Brad travels to the mountains of north Georgia to visit one of the most impressive coops in the United States.
Kevin and Andrew Help Out
Season 3, Episode 7
Brad gets more advice from Kevin for his chickens and goats, then sets out to start his garden. Patch is rejected by the other chickens and he winds up sleeping alone in one of the coops every night. Andrew returns to the farm to "assist" in a couple of projects....the first is installing an automatic door opener on Patch's coop....Brad's "building" again!
Catching Fire
Season 3, Episode 6
It's time for "Catching Fire", the buck, to head home to Twin Willows Farm... but first a good game of "catch me if you can" with Brad. Bouncing baby goats are everywhere at Twin Willows and Brad comes away with a big case of "kid fever".
Garden, Goats and Chickens
Season 3, Episode 5
The loaner buck and Evangeline fall in love.... Will Dee Dee see his charms as well? The hatched chicks are growing fast as Brad learns about the "clap test" for sexing chicks....and is lured by the promise of chocolate to adopt nine chicks from a friend in Jackster's absence.
The Buck Stops Here
Season 3, Episode 4
We say goodbye to Lubbock and the folks at New Country Organics and head to Dripping Springs for a Texas-sized version of Coop Camp. Share in the fun as we learn about certified therapy chickens, how to show chickens and we take a tour of the shop and showroom at the Urban Coop Company.
Coop Camp In Arizona
Season 3, Episode 3
Buckle up those seat belts!!! We're heading out on a field trip in Episode 3.... First stop the Phoenix, AZ area...where we meet Sommer Prosser who started The Aloha Chicken Project with the goal of creating a new American breed. Then -- join the fun for Coop Camp™ and enjoy a peek at the fantastic weekend of friendship and learning.
Season 3, Episode 2
Brad lays plans for ramping up his egg business.... launches an inspection of all 21 chickens after an incident in the chicken yard...learns from Facebook that one of his hens is not a hen... and learns how little he knows about goat behavior!
Early Stages Chicken Math
Season 3, Episode 1
Brad learns the fun of living with goats, begins preparing for cold weather and is worried about his hen to rooster ratio. With snow on the ground, he pays a visit to The Porter Farm in Indianapolis to see their updated coop and talk about roosters.
Season 2, Episode 10
In the final episode of the season, Brad loses his beloved rooster to a predator… causes an uproar when he comes home with two goats in the back of the truck… and tries some enrichment activities with the flock. In addition, we meet the Trosts — the second Coops for Troops recipients.
Rooster Rehab
Season 2, Episode 9
A rooster expert comes to the farm to offer suggestions on how to rehab Brad’s aggressive rooster Edward. While working with Edward, the two find and treat some injuries on Edward. Also in this episode, Brad continues to tend his garden, begins planning to get some goats for the farm and mourns the loss of a special flock member.
Season 2, Episode 8
Brad takes on the big job of assembling his brand new coop…. hoping to be able to finish it in one day. He also wants to learn about goats, milking and making cheese so visits the Paramount School in Indianapolis for a helpful introduction.
Coop Math
Season 2, Episode 7
Brad finishes planting his spring garden prior to leaving for Texas to pick out his “last” coop… big enough for 20 chickens. While there, he learns about chickens and ducks — and gets to participate in the design and prototype build of a new duck coop.
Organic Farming
Season 2, Episode 6
Brad invites Rent The Chicken to the farm to learn more about their risk-free program for helping people get started raising backyard chickens. He also has an organic expert out to the farm to help him prepare his garden for planting. The project is almost derailed due to equipment problems… but Brad and Kevin forge ahead, reviewing chickens and composting, planting and laying out the garden.
Coops for Troops
Season 2, Episode 5
Recognizing the emotional attachment and calming quality of being around chickens, Brad begins a program called Coops for Troops which provides chickens, coops and supplies for veterans and military families. We meet the Gibbs … the very first recipients of a Coops for Troops package… and the many people who made the presentation possible.
Brooder Life
Season 2, Episode 4
Brad’s chicks move to the brooder where Brad learns the heavy workload that comes with keeping a hatch healthy and happy when raising them indoors during the winter… and the emotional attachment of raising chicks from your own eggs.
Season 2, Episode 3
Brad decides to expand his flock by hatching some eggs from his own chickens…. It’s Day 21 on the incubation calendar … but Brad unexpectedly encounters a string of obstacles that put a successful hatch in jeopardy. Will he overcome the emergencies and have a brooder full of chicks?
Coop Camp
Season 2, Episode 2
Brad goes to camp — Coop Camp that is — a weekend workshop for chicken-keepers from across the country. Meet the campers and chicken experts and enjoy the fun and education right along with those who were there. Enjoy Coop Camp antics like the coop building race and door prizes. It’s an episode packed with laughs and learning.
The First Year
Season 2, Episode 1
Brad reviews the excitement and challenges of his first year as a chicken-keeper… including molting, rooster aggression, predator problems and winterizing the coop and run.
The Next Gen
Season 1, Episode 10
With much TLC and attention, Pokey rallies and returns to health, passing a check up with her vet. The new flock members settle in, including Edward, the new rooster. But the happiness is cut short, as heartbreak hits the farm when Pork Chop, another member of the flock, is attacked by a predator.
Season 1, Episode 9
After Pokey has been missing for 20 days, Brad discovers her trapped and hidden on a midnight trip to the barn. But Pokey is weak and unable to walk or eat. Will she recover? A surprise visit from her former coop mates may help.
Fresh Eggs Daily
Season 1, Episode 8
Lisa Steele, author of two books on chickens and ducks, and well-know blogger on natural chicken-keeping methods, comes to visit Brad and his chickens. Right before her visit, Pokey, Brad’s favorite chicken turns up missing. Lisa and Brad search for Pokey, and discuss pecking order, herbs for chicken keeping, gardening with chickens and what foods chickens can eat.
Season 1, Episode 7
Kevin, an experienced farm manager, comes by Coop Dreams to talk chickens and composting with chicken tractors. At Kevin’s invitation, Brad takes a trip to Virginia where he visits a variety of farms to learn about chicken-keeping, chicken tractors, composting and organic farming methods.
The Chicken Chick©
Season 1, Episode 6
Beloved blogger, The Chicken Chick, visits the farm and provides feedback on Brad’s chicken-keeping methods. While there, she discovers a medical problem with one of the chickens — chicken lice — and shows Brad how to treat it.
The First 24 Hours
Season 1, Episode 5
Brad and his daughter Anna take on the challenge of assembling the new coop within the suggested timeframe after it is delivered. Will they be able to beat the clock? Afterwards, Brad visits the designer of the famed Chicken Swing where he not only sees chickens swing he learns about chicken diapers and brings home his own chickens for the new coop.
Coop and Chicks
Season 1, Episode 4
While inTexas, Brad visits a coop manufacturer. On the ranch, he learns about hatching and raising chickens and coop design and gets to know the family, workers and animals around the property.
Lone Star
Season 1, Episode 3
A local chicken expert comes out to inspect the coop and deliver chickens. Will it pass or will the chickens have to be returned? In hopes of having his own chickens in the near future, Brad visits a chicken equipment manufacturer to learn about necessities like feeders and waterers and nesting boxes. Brad learns about the healing power of therapy chickens at a nursing home in Texas.
The Coop
Season 1, Episode 2
Brad visits a young couple who built a coop out of pallets… and then starts building his own chicken coop — without a design or any construction experience.
Hatching An Idea
Season 1, Episode 1
Meet the family and get to know Brad, his Danish wife Jackster and their twin teenagers. Brad begins his chicken journey by visiting experienced chicken keepers, and then sets out to convince his reluctant family that chickens will be fun and easy.
Coops For Troops - Hoppa
Meet Bonnie Hoppa (and her dog, Tessa)....hear her tell about her military journey with PTSD, injuries, depression and homelessness. With a range of emotions displayed, Tessa remained by Bonnie's side or up in her lap. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Coops For Troops - Doyne
An incredible day recognizing Brian Doyne, who served as an EOD tech in Iraq and Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart for his valor and sacrifices. An incredible story of determination, perseverance and unconditional sacrifice. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Coops For Troops - Caiafa
Here we share the story of the Caiafa family. When faced with the reality of needing medical insurance for two autistic children, Paul enrolled in the Army later in life as a practical approach to obtaining the services needed for his children's health issues. Despite being "the old guy" on base, Paul adapted and excelled at his job in the Army, though his family felt he came home changed following a tour of duty in Djibouti, Africa. Nathan, Paul's younger son, nominated him for Coops for Troops... with the goal of using chickens as a way to reconnect. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Coops For Troops - Finnicum
In this episode, we share the story of Chel and Diane Finnicum. Approached by a recruiter while in high school, Chel joined the Navy immediately upon graduation and enjoyed a stellar career earning promotions and advanced degrees. Not to mention meeting Diane, the love of his life. All that changed, however, upon a solo deployment with an Army unit to Afghanistan. Isolated and alone, Chel spiraled into a cycle of depression accompanied by suicidal thoughts and actions. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Coops For Troops - Trost
This episode of Coops for Troops tells the amazing story of Sgt Michael Trost (Ret.) who was awarded a Purple Heart for his service in Afghanistan. You'll be astounded by the story and touched and inspired by the spirit, determination and positive outlook of Michael and his wife, Stephanie. ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
Coops For Troops - Gibbs
Being the first Coops for Troops recipient, we made it a surprise for Special Agent Joey Gibbs who served twelve years of active duty before retiring with injuries. Hear Joey tell his story and then enjoy the celebration of presenting the Coops for Troops package complete with coop and chickens! ©2020 Faded Jeans Productions LLC. All rights reserved.
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